2 years and … goodbye!

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I know I should have written much earlier, I apologize for not letting you know about our whereabouts in the last 6 months. Today would have been biziklautak’s second birthday, so I couldn’t let it go any further. I had to write one last time. You all deserved it after following our adventures and posts, but more importantly, biziklautak deserves a final goodbye.

Last time we updated the blog in English we were in Myanmar about to cross to Thailand. In the last video you could see us actually getting into Thailand. And in Spanish there was a goodbye post a couple months ago, so if you speak Spanish you probably know: Biziklautak ended with our 1,5 year anniversary.

It was the original established project’s schedule, and even though we played with the idea of continuing for a few more months, at the end we decided not to.

18 months. 24 countries. More than 19,000 kilometers (around 12,000 miles). Uncountable stories. And above all: the adventure of our lives.

At the end of December 2014, after returning to Thailand and crossing Malasya, we separated at the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Biziklautak was over.

It was not and easy decision, but one we had to make. From that day we continued, but on our own separate paths. We have kept traveling, by bicycle most of that way, but that´s another story. Writing this is also not easy, nostalgia kicks in, but there are other projects ahead of us… I guess…

These last two years had been some of the best of my life, there were lots of great moments (also some not so good ones, but I won’t let that embitter the wonderful experiences!). And we have many people to thank for all of this.

First of all our sponsors (Eitb, Gluco Sport (Faes Farma), Euskaltel, Getxo Kirolak, EmprenderZitek, Kulturbasque, Gaztebizz) and specially the University of the Basque Country, they believed in us from the very beginning and made us feel more confident.

The media has helped us too, when we thought nobody was listening, they wrote and asked for an interview and it really motivated us to continue blogging.

And thanks all of you who have been following and putting up with our story telling, I hope we have been entertaining and that we have brought little pieces of the world into your imagination.

And last but definitely not least I want to thank the hundreds of people who have been kind to us and have shared their homes, food, and wonderful stories. Most of you wont even read this, but we will never forget you!

biziklautak.com will remain available online for anybody and we will keep answering comments and emails.

Thank you all… Thank you Biziklautak… So long!