Across the Alps to Ljubljana

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Camping Venecia

We got too comfy at the camping site staying three nights, but it was time to leave. Close to Ljubljana lives a really good friend of mine, and the plan was to be there in two days, 250 km away.

Lazy and not that much in the mood we left Venice in the middle of a storm, we just wanted to start, and we knew that the longer it took the harder it would be to cycle. So Javi and me left Goiznabar, as he was going by train and bus, and went into the rain.

Biziklautak Eslovenia

I didn’t remember this from my previous trips but it’s nice to cycle in the rain, at least when it’s so warm. I remember running more and doing more kilometers on rainy days, as I was from the start in an arriving mood. But now it’s different, we start not caring of we have 60 or 150 kilometers, if its rainy or sunny, or even if it’s uphill, flat or downhill, we simply go.

Not far from the city limits, when we were going through a street with a tram, I crossed the rails, which ended up being a huge mistake. My bike wheel sled and I “fell” to the ground. I managed to get loose of the pedal and to put the foot on the floor, but I could not hold the weight of the bike and my knee bent a bit.Biziklautak Eslovenia

I guess it would have been funny if I had seen it from outside, me under the bike without touching the floor apart from one shoe. When I was there I realized that probably it would have been smarter to fall down and get a bit scratched, but it was pure reflexes. Later I had to take a pain killer, but by the end of the day the pain was gone for good.

Biziklautak Eslovenia

The rest of the way was fine, the Italian part completely flat, but Slovenia started with a mountain pass (I think in this country it’s not high enough to be called that, but in mine it is). We had to cross the end of the Alps to get to the capital. 17 kilometers of uphill but then it was flat and downhill. When we checked the profile it showed something different, and Javi started saying that he was feeling guilty, that we were pushing god’s favors too much.

We arrived later than we thought, because the country side is so nice that we stopped twice for a long time, in which I fell asleep. I think it’s not allowed to wild camp in this country, but there are places everywhere, and with so few inhabitants, I think it basically impossible to meet any if you hide a bit.

Biziklautak Eslovenia

This was my fourth time in Slovenia, and before I always came from Eastern Europe so it was quite a shock to see how eastern it looks. When you come from the east it looks western: the prices, the houses, the people, the way of driving … But If you come from the west it looks eastern! I guess I will have to start believing that Central Europe really exists, and that it’s not only a term used by Eastern Europeans who want to separate themselves from Russia.

Biziklautak Eslovenia