Bets and bikes (or Goiznabar’s little adventures: part 1)

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Some things that are going to be narrated here have already been told, not many though, because it was a secret. These things happened during the last several weeks, since Goiznabar left the main group to go visit a friend at the beginning of August.


Goiznabar made a video (already on youtube by the name of “Karma give him a break”), but some people didn’t  believe that what was being told was true, so now I will summarize what happened to him from Aosta till Venice, and also why did he grow a mustache.

Goiznabar’s friend lived around 303 km away and he wanted to do them in two days. To motivate/challenge him Javi made a bet with him: if he was able to do it Javi was going to shave everything but the mustache and leave it for a week, if not … well, you can see the result on the pictures.

Biziklautak Eslovenia

After leaving us in Imperia Goiznabar kept having problems with his bike, but we had no way of knowing because he didn’t have a phone, and none of us had internet connection. There was a mountain pass which ended up harder than he thought and he had three flat tires. Finally he arrived there and enjoyed a couple peaceful days.

But, do you think this was the end of the problems for poor Goiznabar? Of course it wasn’t! Fate was waiting to surprise him a bit more. On his way to Venice, quite close to Milan, an old man hit him with the car in a crossing.

Today´s main character was ok, not even a scratch, but the bike ended up being useless. After trying fix it in a Decathlon (as always), they told him that it was not safe for him to keep using it. Sad, and without a way of contacting us, he took a hostel room and several beers to help him think.

What would you have done in this situation, bikeless and not being able to contact the rest of your group? Probably many things went through his mind, but he had something clear: he was going to cycle around the world. As he had lots of problems with his bike he decided to get the best bike he knew it would be up for the job, a Surly just like mine.

Biziklautak Surly

It was not easy, and it took longer than we expected, but after several calls and emails to a bike shop in Bilbao, his bike left towards Slovenia, were he picked it up.

Biziklautak Surly

Till he got the bike he had to go by train and bus, but that gave him (and us) the chance of enjoying the trip in a different way, calmly and with a roof over our head every day.

It was nice to change for a few days, and like this we also met more people than we usually do: Veronica from Germany in Bologna, Hussein from Egypt and three people from Extremadura (Carlos, Talía and Mario) in Venice.

So in Ljubljana we had our bikes, all of us, and we knew that we had to keep going. Next destination: Zagreb. More adventures were ahead of us, and Karma had still some surprises for Goiznabar, but that’s something for the next post.

Biziklautak Croacia