Bike repairing workshop

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 Several months ago some young people from Romo created a new assembly. Tired of doing everyday the same things, they created this new collective. The aim was to put together all the different groups of the neighborhood through entertaining and useful activities, and everybody contributed as they could.

 The 16th of November, after a quite long wait, one of the members of the assembly organized a bike fixing workshop. There were not many people, but it was really useful.

 When i traveled across Europe, the only thing I could fix was a flat tire, and fortunately, and thanks to my tires with Kevlar reinforcement, I didn’t have to do it in the 8000km I rode. A couple times I had to adjust the brakes, but always touching everything, hoping that I wouldn’t leave things worst than they were.

Taller de reparación de bicis

So I went to the workshop really eager to learn, and it was really useful. As we were very few, with several bikes to fix, I learned how to adjust the brakes and gears. I also saw several simple tricks that will be very useful in our trip, as how to adjust the spokes.

Taller de reparación de bicis

Taller de reparación de bicis

 It was a pity that I was the only one of the group who was able to go, because I think we all should know how our bikes work. Anyway, we still have many things to learn, in a trip this long we don’t want to have problems, especially with things that can be easily solved with some basic bike knowledge.