Bologna and Biziklautak starts adopting travelers

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After San Marino we needed to get to Bologna to finally reunite the Biziklautak team once again. It had been too long since we separated and with all that happened we really wanted to see each other. We also needed to talk about several serious things that concerned the group. Unfortunately I can’t say what really ocurred (yet) as there will be a video just for it. I don’t want to spoil Goiznabar’s secret. Be patient, everything will be reveled.

So because of this, of which I can only talk around, but not say anything in specific, we are traveling much slower, and to be honest, enjoying more the places where we stop, even if it means paying for sleeping.


We did the way from San Marino to Bologna in two days. Our only goal was not to get to the city limits of Bologna, to avoid paying for a hostel. The ride was amazingly easy, so flat that it actually would have gotten boring after a few km if we hadn’t been talking all the time.


So with the idea of doing 100 km at the most, we crossed several cities, and most of them are full of bikes. We asked a couple times local cyclists if they knew a nice place to put our tents but no luck there. We found a priest outside his church, in the yard. We asked him if we could stay there and at the beginning he was a bit reluctant, but as he got to know us a bit (and realized that we are nice people under our stinky cyclist clothes) he agreed, and even wanted to start giving us things (cookies, wine, coffee…). Thanks Don Tomaso for your hospitality!

The next day we woke up early to finally get to Goiznabar. Only 40 kilometers left, but they seemed like a hundred! – Goiznabar, we are on our way! – And he was waiting, editing some videos with a huge smile when we arrived. Biziklautak was reunited again! That was a nice feeling, so we decided to drink a couple beers to celebrate. And as we are really not used to drinking, after 2 beers, we were … let’s say … extra happy!


That night was when we adopted our first lonely traveler: Veronika. She is a German girl who is traveling through Italy by herself. So we decided to go together to the center the next day. I think it was quite fortunate, because I found the city quite uninteresting. I had great hopes for Bologna with one of the oldest universities of the world, and with the nice feeling a book once gave me (I can’t really remember the book, but I remember thinking I really needed to visit Bologna). I was quite disappointed, but having someone new to talk to while we strolled down the streets saved the day.


That evening we had to say good bye to Veronica, as she was leaving to Florence, and we were going the opposite direction. As we turned around we found our next friend, Hussein, an Egyptian student, we spent our last night in Bologna with, and 3 more days in Venece. He even got a nick name; Papyrus.


So, soon the adventures of Biziklautak and Papyrus will be released!