Border crossing, from Lao to Thailand

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Our visas were expiring so we had to leave the country. As we decided to visit Luang Prabang, there was only one option: take the bus till the border. So in just one night we were there. So far so good.

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We got to the border, got our passports stamped and … they said we couldn’t continue by bike, that to get to thailand we had to get on a bus. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen … and the problem was not the money that you have to pay for the fare, we were willing to pay it just to continue. But no, we fought for hours, to finally get everything on the bus for the 2 kilometers ride.

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I simply couldn’t understand. Of course the tickets were horribly expensive, and we asked if this corruption was only in Lao or in Thailand too, and they said that only in Lao … well, at least they were honest!

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I still can’t understand why couldn’t we just have paid the same amount and cross by bike, instead of having to dismount everything…

It’s a pity, I liked the country so much, and at the end we have to meet such unfriendly (not to say anything much stronger) people. I wouldn’t recommend this border to anyone!

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Once in Thailand no problem at all: the friendliest border control policeman I’ve experienced, a pickup offered to take us till the next village, even secondary roads are paved like highways, it’s amazingly cheap … what else can we possibly want?!

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Northern Thailand is really beautiful. It’s similar to Lao and northern Vietnam, but somehow more charming, I would say. And there are supermarkets! So many products in a single place! We haven’t seen this in months!

So far Thailand is great, I can’t wait to visit more of it!