Climbing the Himalayas I: getting there

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Everybody dreams of being there, watching this gargantuan mountains from really close. Many dream of climbing their peaks, but few even try, and only a handful succeeds! We always hear stories of those brave people. But just getting to the beginning of the trail is already an adventure.

As my parents were coming to Nepal, I hurried a bit more than the rest of the team to be able to meet them. But then, as I hurried so much, I had to wait for Javi and Goiznabar, and what better way is there than climbing to the world’s tallest mountain’s base camp.

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I had some doubts about going, specially being the monsoon season. I didn’t know if I was going to see much if everything was cloudy or if I was actually going to enjoy it if it rained all the time. At the end I decided to go anyway, and it was the best decision I could have taken!

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These fourteen days Trekking took me to some of the most beautiful places on earth, as well as giving me the chance of seeing with my own eyes some of the world’s highest mountains! But not everything was as easy as it sounds like. I had to survive the world’s most dangerous airport and get used to altitudes with less than 50% of the oxygen at sea level.

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The adventure started at the domestic terminal of the Kathmandu airport, where a monkey tried to steal my breakfast. I found it cute when she took the not vegan food I had set aside, because I was not going to eat it. And even cuter when she took the dairy out, and ate only the vegetables. But it wasn’t cute when she tried to get my fruit! Somehow I managed to rescue my fruit, and from then on I was more alert (Actually I kicked her and she never came back, but I’m really not proud of that. What was a monkey doing at an airport anyway!?).

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Several hours later, with a delay of six hours, and being lucky that the flight didn’t get cancelled, we departed towards the tiny airport at Lukla the getaway to the Everest and some other of the world’s highest peaks.

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This airport at 2800 m (12000 feet) of altitude is considered one of the most dangerous airports. With a tiny landing course, only tiny planes are allowed to operate there. The airport is so tiny that is built on a slope, so landing it can brake on time uphill, and taking off it can take enough speed before falling down the mountains.

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It was so exciting! I have flown a lot, but this time was lots of fun!

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