Crossing Marco Polo’s way: Caravanserai of Sultanhani

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One of the most important, biggest and best preserved caravanserais is the one in Sultanhani. We all have heard about caravanserais before (and maybe played the game with the same name), but when we were crossing through here I had a serious question: what is exactly a caravanserai?

Caravanserais are lodging places where travelers could sleep and get food, free of charge up to three days. There are very common in Arab countries, especially through the Silk Road, were there was one every 20 km.


Most of them look like a little fortress, with really thick walls. In the small ones there were really few people living permanently, just enough to attend the travelers, but in the big ones, as lots people were there, a whole town grew around it.


For a few hundred km we’ve been following the Silk Road and we’ve seen many of them on the road, usually in the middle of a town, but the one we liked best was without a doubt the one in Sultanhani. Not sure if it’s because it’s the best preserved one, the biggest, or the one we saw first, but it was the nicest.


This one is so big that has two areas, an inside one for the winter (we were there at the end of fall and it was -10 C during the day), and a covered one for the summer. Local people of this town are really proud to say that Marco Polo slept in this famous caravanserai.