Cyclotourists at night

by • 6 November, 2013 • Uncategorized • Comments (0)1591

During the summer period everything is fun. You can wake up early, ride for a few hours, stop by the beach and swim, find a place to camp and have dinner and all this while the sun is up.

In winter (fall so far), everything changes. The sun doesn’t rise so early, and by 5pm you already have to be setting your tent. It’s true that it’s nice to have 12 hours of sleep, but that still gives you 3 more hours of darkness. What can you do during these hours?

Javi practices with his ukulele (he already knows 4 songs), and now he started singing too but I’m not sure if that’s an improvement for my ears, I hope he gets better quickly.

I usually read or write, but now I discovered a new hobby. For a long time I was interested in the stars and constellations, and the other day I downloaded Google’s Sky Map. It’s really cool to point at the sky with your phone and start learning. I try to learn a couple new constellations and stars every evening (unless there are wolves around).