Dubrovnik and the mountains of Montenegro

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A really nice family was hosting us very close to Dubrovnik, in a small little town called Mlini. I know I write very often (too often perhaps) that we really like every person, place and food in this trip, but it’s completely true! We are enjoying everything so much, that nearly everything seems great!


Dubrovnik has a cute little old town, with a Venetian fortress, but that’s something most people know (at least anybody who has heard anything about the city). But as we were 10 km’s away and we are getting tired of so touristic places, we were inside for a really short time.


Still we visited it and it was nice. It even gave us the chance of talking to the owner the only vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant in town. The food was great and being able to see how they do everything in the kitchen gives the dish a special taste.

The father of the family we were staying with, Ivan, is the director of the arboretum of Trsteno, so one morning we went with him. We went before it was open for the public so we had the garden for ourselves, the guide was the director, the sun was shining… what else could we ask for? Coffee? They gave us that too!


We learnt lots about the trees and the special oak that grows in this area: the dub, and that’s what gave the city the name. And to finish the visit we saw old postcards of the arboretum, which will be shown to the public in a couple months. We even got some olive oil they make here!

Already before we were amazed with the Croatian hospitality, but it kept surprising us! Still, it was time to leave; we’ve been travelling almost 3 months and a third of that time we spent it here. Thank you Croatia and everybody who has made our stay unforgettable!

The next country to explore: Montenegro. We’ve heard that it is a beautiful country, but full of mountains, as the name of republic suggests. We were not going to get to the north, were the high mountains are, so we thought it would be a similar landscape to the one we saw all along the Croatian coast. But we were wrong!

On the moment you cross the border, the mountains raise and then you understand that the name really makes justice.


We camped both nights we spent in the country. The first one next to a church and the second in small forests. We enjoyed a little ferry boat that cut us a few kilometers, but more than that, we wanted to get a new experience. We were like kids on the boat! The only problem is that the ride was too short!


We took a small road towards Kotor, and in an antic shop we found a velocipede, an original this time. Now 2 biziklautak got on one (not at the same time, of course!).


Kotor was so full of tourists and not appropriate for bikes, so we just entered and left, we wanted to get some kilometers done and get close to Istanbul and Goiznabar.

We had our good share of slopes, but we have to say we are thankful to the Montenegrinian tunnel makers. At the beginning of the trip we didn’t like tunnels, but sometimes going uphill is the last thing you feel like doing.

We found the Little Prince, so our purpose in here was complete, we were ready to leave! In the last town, in a café bar we met an American man, Jeff, and we shared our stories, plans and routes. This typical cyclotourists conversations might seem boring and repetitive to other people, but we love them!


Goodbye Montenegro!