Flying away from Nepal

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We checked everything many times, asked in forums and wrote to the embassies. The visa to cross Tibet costs 3000 euros per person. Land borders with Myanmar are closed on the west. There was no other way, we had to fly away from Nepal, to be able to continue our trip around the world.

We’ve done it before, but flying is not the best for the bikes or our pockets. And it also gives a feeling of cheating. But unfortunately we had no other affordable choice. So we planned a huge tour around Southeast Asia.

In Kathmandu we found a really cheap accommodation (less than a euro each), so we spent several days relaxing and eating lots, probably much more than needed. It rained almost every day as the monsoon had arrived already, so we could’t trek in Langtam, as we had originally planned.

Pokhara - Ktm 042

We had lots of days to pack, but as always we had time issues on the last second. We had to hurry to the airport and packing the bikes into their boxes took forever so we almost didn’t manage to check in on time, just like with the other flights we had to take in this trip.

And just like that we were out of Nepal and got to Cambodia. Less rain but much more humidity, different languages and cultures … we were ready to explore Southeast Asia!


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