From Croatia to Bosnia and back to Croatia

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It was time to leave Croatia, we wanted to try if were actually able to, so we decided to go to Mostar, and then back to Dubrovnik, in Croatia, not to get homesick. The interesting part is that we had to cross each border 4 times (2 times entering and 2 times going out). It was fun, and it made us start getting used to showing our passport.


From Trogir we wanted to visit Split, for a short time, and then camp somewhere outside. But it was so much bigger than we expected and it was so hot that we decided to get a beer instead.

There, suddenly, out of nowhere, several cyclotourists appeared. The first to join us was a British guy travelling solo, doing more or less the same route that we want to do but the other way around, so it was nice to change info.


Sitting by the seaside we saw another 4 people travelling by bike, and they joined the bicycle parking place we created. Actually it looked much more as a Surly “long haul trucker” meeting point, as most of us had this bike. It was fun to see other Surlys. It was the first time I see another bike like mine (but Goiznabar’s, of course).

So after the beer and the official picture in one of the most touristic places in the town we left, uphill! I think we are resting so much and our legs are not used to this much effort. It’s surprising how hard it is for us to climb. We do it, (no doubt there, I hope!) but we complain lots.


It was a 2 day ride to the border with Bosnia and Herzegobina, and we had no problems. Flat roads, more or less, new chain, new brakes, and everything is working smoothly.

In a bar we stopped to get some internet, the bartender took interest in us, and after a bit of effort said that she was going to try to get us accommodation for the next 2 nights. She was really nice, and she did find us something for the first day, but when she called we were already in our sleeping bags. She didn’t know that cyclotourists g to sleep when the sun sets!


Mostar was beautiful, but so full of people that it spoiled the visit. And the worst part is that as it was Saturday we didn’t manage to get on time for the bookshops to be open, so I couldn’t get the Little Prince in Bosnian! I will have to come back after the trip around the world is over. The best part was that we got invited to a beer by some friendly <Austrian men. One of them travels by bike sometimes and wanted to hear some of our stories.


Not long after we left the city we camped next to the river, and as it’s natural we took a swim there. Well… we tried! It was so cold that our feet were getting numb, so I don’t think we lasted a whole minute inside the water. At least it was really refreshing!


The next day it’s when we crossed several borders. It was the fastest way, and to be honest, we were in the mood of flashing our new shiny passports. At the end we were even joking with some policemen, and no, they don’t consider an ukulele a weapon,


But then the wind from the south started blowing. We had to pedal even going downhill to be able to move. And as it was warm air, it didn’t even refresh us. It really was not comfy riding like that.

On top of being tired, hungry, annoyed and getting dark we weren’t able to contact our host. Her phone was not working! But then we experienced again the Croatian niceness. We got to the town, Mlini, and tried to find the place, but we couldn’t. Several people asked us and tried to help, till a couple let us go to their place and check our emails, to get another number they had sent us.


It turned out that as they knew who our hosts were, they called a friend of theirs who is friend with them, and in 5 minutes we were already in the right house.

What an amazing apartment Ivan, Zvonka, Grisa and Ilar let us stay in. And it was great to be with a family:the chaos, the screams, the children laughing. It really makes a house feel alive. With so nice people and such an incredible house, it makes us want to never leave this place!