Goats and Tigers: Nepali pastime

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A very interesting aspect of every culture is their ability to get entertained. For it they create great buildings just dedicated to relax, enjoy, have fun and socialize. And other times they just create a new game for these purposes.

Long ago Nepalese invented the game of the goats and tigers, both to have fun and stimulate their brain while being in contact with other people.

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In Nepal is called Bagh Chal, and this game was attributed to Mandhodari, a queen in one of the Hindu epics.

Nowadays you can get the game in basically in any souvenir shop. Some of these are really expensive and well done, while other are cheap made only to be played and not be decorative. There are even travel editions!

“Bagh” means tiger, and “Chal” to move, so let’s move the tigers!

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On the board the for tigers are set in each corner, and the player has to put up to 20 goats one by one and alternating moves with the tiger player. The aim is for the tigers to eat the goats (chekers style), and for the goats to block the tigers. For full rules click here and if you want to try it online click here.

So far I find it much easier to win with the tigers (I’ve never won with the goats), but it’s really challenging and addictive. Once you start playing you won’t be able to stop for a few hours!

Have fun!

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