Good bye Florence: San Marino here we go!

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I’m not going to lie, the only reason why we went to San Marino was because I have never been there, and I wanted to cross another European country from my list. Now I need to go to only eight more countries to have the European map complete (but I’m afraid that not in this trip).

I had to insist to convince Javi to go to this microstate, but as he chose to go to Florence, and it was not very far, he didn’t complain much, at least not looking at it on the map. The reality was not as we expected, though. We thought that we were only going to get some hills, the end of the Apennines, but we ended up climbing several mountain passes.

First of all, as we were in a hurry, we decided to follow the GPS’s advice to leave Florence to get away from the city and find a nice place to sleep as soon as possible. It’s true that probably we did less kms, but we had some of the hardest uphills of the trip, just to leave the city limits. At least we could say bye to the whole skyline of the city.

So, having climbed when we didn’t expect it, just to come down immediately, we followed the river till we had to start going up to the first real mountain pass. But as agreed we started looking for nice hidden places on that moment.

We asked a man watering his tomatoes, if he knew a place, and he sent us to a restaurant where his daughter worked. The daughter (I can’t remember her name anymore), told us a place really close by; an olive tree plantation of which the owners were on vacation. It was a great place! So for the first time since we are wild camping, we had dinner before the sun set down.

We woke up pretty early, knowing that we had two mountain passes before reaching our next destination: San Marino. We did quite well the first one and just before starting to climb the second one we stopped at a town with free Wi-Fi to check if we had some email from Goiznabar. And we did!

Can’t tell you (yet), what was written on the email, but what I can say is that it gave us more time to travel through Italy. The news were not ideal, but at least we could start taking the next few days more calmly. So we climbed the second mountain pass and slept almost at the top, in the edge of a natural park.

We were a bit worried that the rangers would find us and give us a ticket, so I got a bit paranoid with the cars passing by. There were two cars that stopped really close to where we camped, and by what we heard them do, I’m pretty sure that they were not the National Park’s rangers.