Hasta la vista Turkey

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What? Biziklautak has left Turkey? After so long and in such a sneaky way, without saying anything?


The answer to all of this is … Yes! We are out of Turkey and the truth be told, quite some time ago.





It’s true that we didn’t update much, or almost not at all, about our whereabouts in the last month, so for that reason I will summarize how we managed to leave turkey after three long months.


In Kahramanmaras we didn’t succeed in getting our parcel, somehow it was lost somewhere. Spanish post said it was in Turkey, the Turkish one said it never arrived, so we left them a note saying to send the parcel to Hakkari (the last big town we had to cross in Turkey), and left.

From there we entered the Kurdish part of Turkey, and as we expected, it was not dangerous at all, even though Turkish people warned us that we would be killed. Well, nothing further from the truth. I’m not sure if I can say they were more hospitable and open people than the Turks, but at least as much.



We kept sleeping in tea houses, gas stations, and sometimes in kindergardens, sprinting through the over 2000 meter high mountains of eastern Turkey. After crossing the Tigris and Euphrates  we passed meters away from the Syrian border, and we actually saw the closest Syrian cities. I’ve never been so close to a country without entering, but I think I can wait to visit it till things get better.




Then we passed so close to the Iraqi border that actually Google maps told us that we entered the country 14 times. We didn’t have to cross the border and by my birthday (yes, it was my birthday), we arrived to Hakkari, were our host was waiting for us.




Unfortunately, our parcel was still not there and Javi’s visa was expiring, he had to get out if the country! So the only way was to split. I stayed, and Javi left to Iran. After 2 days and no signs of the parcel, I realized that my visa had less than two weeks left, and I didn’t want to abandon the socks and coats. So I flew to Germany to be with my girlfriend, we really needed to see each other again.



So two weeks later, Ahmet, our host in Hakkari sent me a message that the parcel finally arrived. S after a really hard goodbye I left Germany towards Turkey again. I stopped three days in Istanbul to visit Ana, and to say good bye to the city, and there I was again, in the mountains of Kurdistan.


I stayed an extra day with Ahmet, getting ready to leave. He treatedus great! He looked after my bike, got the parcel … Thank you very much!

And from there I left to Iran, really happy with my coat and socks, and not so much carrying Javi’s. But we finally arrived to Iran! It would still take some days to reunite, but at least we were in the same country.

Next, adventures in Persia!