Inle lake and beyond!

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We started the day early, or at least we woke up early. As usual Javi woke up a bit earlier and then he decided to change something of his handle bar … huge mistake! It took him almost two hours to put everything fine again. At least the foggy weather and the little town made it nice for us (Goiznabar and me) to take pictures.


From there we started downhill all the way till the lake. This was the first day we cycled in Myanmar, and even Goiznabar that was a bit skeptical of coming here, we all really enjoyed it! It’s totally different from the rest of the SE Asia. It makes sense, but never thought of it, it’s like a mixture between India and Thailand, and probably poorer than Cambodia.




After skipping part of the eastern side of the country (because it’s restricted) we managed to get close to Inle lake. This place could easily be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ver seen. As you usual we had to argue to get a nice deal on the price for the boat tour, but it was totally worth. We got a young guy who just bought the boat so everything went smoothly (till almost the end). At the beginning we thought that it could be enough to cycle around, but you really need a boat to see anything.

We visited several handicraft workshops and it was really interesting. We saw how they work the silver and how three men were needed to hammer the iron to bend. We also saw how they make cigarettes (from tobacco grown on the lake), and this was Goiznabar’s favorite part. In one handicraft shop there where some long neck women making carpets.

Apart from this places we also went to some buddhist monasteries, but the most fun part was just to ride around watching the fishermen, people going from one house to the other, people working on the floating gardens (yes, really floating) and even kids coming back from school.



We literally took hundreds of pictures, but I tried to make a selection of the best ones.