Into the wild center of Italy

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After being by the Mediterranean coast for almost two weeks we finally went inland, to reach our first main goal in Italy: Florence. We thought we might have done it in one day less, but as we had no hosts, we decided to take it easier, waiting for some couchsurfer or warmshower to answer.

So again we left really early, not sleeping as much as we wanted. Not long after breakfast we arrived to Lucca. It was a small city that amazed us. We were not expecting anything, and it was a really nice place, and everybody was cycling!




We went on the city walls with the bikes and we saw some of the most interesting places. Then we stopped in a youth office, where we stayed a few hours trying to get some accommodation for Florence and updating the webpage.

When we decided to leave, we were quite stressed, as the Netbook we use has a screen which half of the time turns white. It really is frustrating that sometimes you can’t manage to write a single word without playing with the position of the screen for 10 minutes. If we had something else to work with, I’m sure we would have smashed it against the wall long ago. But as we don’t have anything else we try to take it easy and call the computer “fiesta de la luz” (the light party).



In a roundabout we got a bit confused about the way, so we stopped and ate there. When lunch was almost ready we saw some other bike travelers looking at the map at the same spot we got lost, so we invited them to have lunch with us, but they declined, saying that they were in a hurry.

Calmly we continued towards Florence, but we knew we had to stop not far after Empoli, to be able to find a nice spot for the tent. The signs to Empoli are simply amazing; each one says a different amount of kilometers left to the city, so we were not sure if we had 10 or 30 km left, or any amount in between.


When we got there we went to a mall, thinking to buy a new Netbook, but all of them were really expensive, so we postponed the decision of getting one. I went to the toilets to fill the water bottles up, and for my surprise the cyclotourists we met before were there, washing their clothes.

We had more or less the same plan, but they said that they didn’t want to continue a single km more, because they were really tired. Javi and me left the mall and, lost (… again!), we asked for directions. The man we asked seemed old and confused, and was unable to say anything, but a car stopped and told us that we should ask some women who were standing right there, in front of their houses.



That was the best thing we could have done! They told us the way, and when we asked if they knew a place to sleep, they took us to a private garden, away from the road. And when we were already camped, they came to bring us some tomatoes, watermelon and cookies. Thanks you! Everything was amazing! (The cookies were not vegan, but Javi says that they were tasty).






So that night we went to sleep in a really nice and quiet place, knowing that we could sleep as long as we wanted, and only 3 hours away from Florence. At least we had a peaceful night in which we rested for all the sleepless nights we had had before.