Marseille to Nice: a not so easy ride

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It had been nice and we really enjoyed our stay in Marseille, but we knew we had to keep going. We had said most of our goodbyes to the people who took us at their house, so everything was ready. Our next destination: Nice. We thought it was going to be easy, something manageable in 2 days, but again, going around the world is full of adventures.

Goiznabar needed to go to Decathlon to finally change his back wheel, something that should have lasted a bit more than half an hour. So he left in the morning while we finished packing. It took him hours to come back! And as he doesn’t have a self phone, we didn’t know how much more we had to wait.


Much later than noon Goiznabar appeared, with a new wheel and several bandages! On the way to the store he had fallen while going quite fast, and in a pharmacy they tried to fix him. That didn’t stop us from continuing.

Already on the way, but still within the city limits… a flat tire!. Goiznabar’s new wheel! We changed and continued, and we got really happy when we saw the sign indicating that we were leaving Marseille.


Then we had the only mountain pass (around 700 m) till Nice. It was quite steep, but then it was all the way down till Besse Sur Isole, where our Chouchsurfing host was waiting for us. It was very beautiful, and the way down amazingly peaceful, but Goiznabar was not in a very good mood and started screaming that he wanted a barbecue.

When we met our host, he said to follow his car, and we did: into the forest, when it was already dark. When we got there we could not see much, we put our tents, and he said: “The barbecue is ready”. At least something went the right way for Goiznabar.


Our host was a dog breeder and a young couple who had just bought a dog was celebrating, and we joined. It was a nice evening, and we even swam in the swimming pool. But it was not till the next day when we could actually see how great his ecological house was (he creates his own electricity and has his own dwell!), the surroundings and all the little cute puppies.

On the road again we decided to go to a lake (St Cassini, even though we didn’t know the name till we got there), to have a bath and have lunch. At the end it took us so long to get there, even though it was only 70 km, that we ended up sleeping there. It turns out that I had already been there (but I was not sure when I say it on the map), on my trip across Europe.


The next morning we knew that we had to get to Nice, which was really close and our pride was at stake. We got there, but in the afternoon and after a new flat tire and several loose spokes, again from Goiznabar’s new wheel. These were not really his lucky days.

Once in the center of Nice we decided to go to a Decathlon and get his bike fixed, as it had warranty. But we had to go 20 km back, and it took the whole afternoon. It really was not the best day:  really hot and stocked in a huge commercial area. And we still needed to find a place to sleep.


Once ready, around 8pm, we sprinted to Nice and continued through the coast. There are lots of people, but we somehow managed to avoid them without slowing our speed.

It got dark, so checking the maps and with the GPS in the other hand, I guided them to what I thought it was a beach, but it was a road without exit, or so we thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere a couple appeared and we asked them, it turns out that the access was narrow and dark, but the beach was right there. And we almost turned around!





We slept there, as two other homeless people and a group of Germans did. A drunken couple passed by in the middle of the night, and so did the police, but nobody bothered us.

At the end it turned out quite fine, and the beach was nice, even with a shower, so after the hard and stressing day, we slept clean and in a beautiful place dreaming of reaching Italy the next day.