New videos and a new member!

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We’ve been wanting for months to make a presentation video for this project, some kind of advertisement in which we would appear and we would explain the ideas we have about our trip.

A couple of weeks ago we managed to get a video producer and editor who is filming the world surfing championship, Jon Azpuru, to film us, to finally have the multimedia presentation.





We were the whole morning around Bilbao, looking for nice places and shooting several takes. It was quite a lot of fun, and as Jon knew exactly what we needed, and how to do it, everything went smoothly.

But just before he started editing the video something happened that made us have to leave the videos apart and that gave our trip a whole new dimension: we got a new Biziklautak member!



Our friend Javi, after a long time thinking about it, finally decided that he wants to join us. He knew he wanted to do something big, and get out of Bilbao to discover the world, so he slowly slowly realized that coming with us and joining the project was the best option for him.

Welcome Javi!

So we had to shoot another video. On Tuesday we went to Unbe, and there we spent the afternoon taking shots and having fun in front of the camera. Goiznabar, as he is the one editing it, was bossing us around: he made us set the tent, go through the same exact spot ten times, talk to the camera …



Now is everything is in Goiznabar’s hands, and in a couple of days he will start uploading. So don’t forget to check the new videos coming up this week!