On the road again

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We finally did it! We managed to leave Istanbul!

After a month in this city I seriously started thinking that we were not going to be able to leave. And the funny thing is that it didn’t happen only to us. Istanbul is like a black hole for travelers! Once caught by it, it’s really hard to escape.

In the hostel where we were staying it happened to many other travelers too. It might have been that we managed to create such a cool atmosphere that we all felt somehow at home. At least that’s what happened to me. We created the routine of chatting on the hostel’s balcony every night, and it was something I looked for.

"Aya Sofia"It also happened that the longer I stayed and the better I knew the city the more things I wanted to visit. And at the end I had to hurry to see as much as possible, and still I left hundreds of things without visiting.

Still, it was time to leave; it was great to have a bed every night, but we wanted (and needed) to keep cycling. Back to the road. Back to the adventure we had put ourselves into.




We said our goodbyes to all the people we met and made plans to see some of them again in our trip.

Now the plan is to go to Konya for the holiest Mevalana day, the 17th of December. As we have some time till then, we decided to go south to visit the ruins of Pergamum, Ephesus and Izmir. So the first thing we did was to cross the Marmara Sea by boat.









I’m not going to say who but somebody got really seasick on the 2 hour ride.







After we arrived to Bandirma it was already time to find a place to camp. Maybe it’s my feeling but it seems that now we don’t care so much where to camp. Before we needed a perfect place, and now any place seems suitable.

For the following two days we camped in the forest but in Balya (70km form Bergama) we got really lucky.

We were thinking to get a hostel with internet to be able to upload posts and videos, but as there wasn’t any there, the major with the help of the only guy of the town who spoke English, offered us a place to spend the night. I still can’t believe how nice they were.

We also had the change of having dinner with Dogan, our translators, and his family. There was a little misunderstanding with the concept of being vegan, but at the end it was great. Turkish people don’t realize but so many of their dishes are completely vegan! And JAvieven got his future told with the leftovers of his coffee.

Cafe turco balya

The next day, after sleeping with a roof over our heads we were not feeling like camping. So in Dereköy we asked for accommodation. Everybody pointed us to the mosque, and that’s where we slept. Now we know where to head from now on when it gets too cold.

So far the Turkish hospitality is amazing us, now we have great expectancies. Don’t let us down!