One day in Marseille

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Marseille is different, everybody’s who has been here knows it. There is something in the air that feels different. This is not France, and probably not even Europe, it’s Just Marseille. Everything looks random, senseless, without rules, but somehow everything runs smoothly in a perfect chaotic way.






The city is full of contrasts, from northern African people having dinner in the middle of the road to gothic churches. From shops in which things seem impossible­ to find to perfectly organized market stands. You can find anything here!


Riding bikes feels like an odyssey, but somehow manageable, and lots of people do it. And that’s how Javi and I visited the city.




Goiznabar had to go to Decathlon (again), to fix 5 spokes that broke on the way from Toulouse, only 1200 km after starting the trip. So I decided to take it easy, start the morning with our contact in the squatted house and then try to find the pump cup for our cooker. It turns out that the part we need to fix the cooker is no longer vegan, but that’s no problem, with some rubber joint (a bit bigger than necessary), a knife and quite a lot of patience, everything is fixable.



In the afternoon is when Javi and I took the bikes and went for a ride. It was nice, but I have to admit that I’m unimpressed by the buildings and sites, compared to how people behave. It’s a bit like jungle’s law.








In the evening there was a Balkan music concert in the squatted house, it turned out to be very short, but still very nice. But it didn’t matter; people kept partying and having fun. There was a jam session going on for anyone ready to join and some people drawing each other (actually a Swiss guy making a drawing of Goiznabar, and vice versa).





It was a fun night, in which the poor hungry cyclists had to do dinner, twice! In this house every time you cook, someone comes, and even if it’s nice to share the meal, if you are hungry you might end up cooking again.

Not too late we went to bed, more adventures were ahead of us. The next day we wanted to get close to Nice, to arrive to Italy in 2 days.