One year cycling celebration in Pokhara

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Who would have guessed we were going to manage to cycle for a whole year? And more surprisingly … we are still friends! (Most of the time at least). It’s true that we are going slower than we planned, but we are really enjoying the trip and we are learning lots of things, not only about the places we visit, but of life itself and ourselves. So this continues with more energy than ever!

In these 12 months we managed to make till Pokhara, in Nepal. And we made it just on time for the monsoon period, but a bit (or lots) of rain was not going to stop us from enjoying and experiencing everything that this city has to offer.

The first thing we did was to get together and brainstorm ideas for the anniversary video. Then it was up to Goiznabar, most the work at least. He is the expert so he could tell us what images he had, and what needed to be shoot. He worked lots, and he didn’t have much time to visit the town, but instead he did a great video!

Days passed a bit weirdly. We were always hungry and always expectant for Goiznabar to tell us what to do.

Pokhara 012

Javi and I had more time, so we decided to climb to the Peace Pagoda. The views are supposed to be fantastic; you can even see the Himalayas from there, but as its monsoon season, no luck for us. At least we enjoyed the way there through the forest … and we experienced leeches! I was lucky I was wearing shoes, but Javi …

Pokhara 008

On another day I decided to go to the International Mountaineering Museum. It’ not bad, but it has too much info. There are so many things to read, most of them together, that is not so attractive, and anyway most of the details are very technical. So I walked around checking the pictures and reading when something caught my eye.

Pokhara 021

But there were two things I really liked in the museum. First it was the replica of the Masalu peak. It’s not that special, but I think it’s original, and you could even climb it!

Pokhara 016

The second thing was a small exhibit comparing life in the Alps 50 years ago and nowadays Nepal. They live the same way! I really enjoyed both the pictures and the Tyrolese dresses!

Pokhara 020

Pokhara 018

On the weekend we decided to celebrate our first year travelling, by partying! But things didn’t go as we planned. We went to a bar where we had a beer and we played a bit of pool, horribly I may add. Later Javi and Goiznabar decided to take it to the next level and go to a club. I decided not to go, as lately I really don’t feel like drinking any alcohol at all, and besides I don’t enjoy dancing.

I went to our hotel and less than one hour later they were back, and really not in their best state. It’s amazing what a couple beers can do to an unused person. I laughed a lot, as for them … let’s leave it at that they had a huge hangover next day!

But the highlight of these few days, apart for producing a nice video, of course, was kayaking. Goiznabar really wanted to do it, and made Javi and I want it to! I regret nothing, it was lots of fun! We decided to rent the kayaks for 4 hours, and it was extremely tiring, but really enjoyable. The lake from the middle of it it’s much more beautiful than from the shore. Rowing next to fishermen, talking to them, enjoying a cold drink in a village in the other side of the lake … even the sun was shining, everything was perfect!

And with this last taste of Pokhara we were ready to leave towards Kathmandu. And finally get on the bike again!

Pokhara 033