Our “D – day” finally arrived!

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After months of preparations the date finally arrived.  It’s amazing that we already started cycling around the world. Maybe it’s because we are really close to home, but I think none of us can actually realize that we left home for 1 year and a half.


We started our trip Saturday at 10:30 at the Guggenheim museum in the center of Bilbao, and we had no idea that we would end the day with a huge welcoming party in Ea, with a huge tasty dinner after swimming at the sea. The second night we slept in a Gaztetxe (a kind of squatted house for the young people to do activities and have a place to stay). The cool thing about this Gaztetxe, is that it was an old prison, and it’s been kept with the cells, which now they use as a library, bedrooms, storerooms …

It was an amazing place to stay for dinner and to rest after the “hard” cycling day we had. I hope the rest of the days keep being as grat as these.

After leaving Bilbao we headed towards Romo, where some of our friends were waiting for us to say the last goodbyes. It was a really touching morning, saying goodbye to our families and friends, knowing that we are not going to see them for such a long time.


Our destination was Ea, where we slept the first night. But first we stopped at Gernika to salute the famous tree. And little did we know the amazing welcome in Ea. People cheering in the street, taking pictures and videos.




It was really nice, but that was not the end. After a bath in the sea, we had a great dinner at their txoko (a place rented by a group of friends, to have a common space). Some of them  didn’t know what a exactly being vegan meant, and some others hadn’t  even heard the word before, but still they managed to feed me till I could not eat any more.








Starting again the next moning was hard, that’s why we ended up leaving quite late, with the intention to get as close as we could to Pamplona, where we wanted to arrive today.







We only did 55 km, but it was completely worth. Sleeping in the Gaztetxe, having dinner with some friends of Goiznabar…


So far the welcomes we are having are amazing. Sometimes the way is hard, with so many hills, but our spirits are being lifted by so much cheering and support.