The bike museum in Saint Étienne

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From the moment I saw it I knew I had to visit it: a bike museum! As Saint Étienne was a really important industrial city, one of the things they produced was bicycles. In fact, the first French bike was done in this city.

The exhibition is located in the industrial museum, and the visit was totally worth it. It took a bit more than one hour to see this part (and 30 min the rest, as I’m not very interested in weapons and weavingloom machiness).




It has bikes from every moment of bike history, from when they didn´t have wheels, till really modern futuristic prototypes (which don’t seem very comfortable). It was full of explanations, in French (only), so it was fun to see the evolution.


I had the chance to not only see, but to get on a velocipede! Finally a member of Biziklautak has got on one of this. I would have never thought I would do it, we just decided that it looked nice on the logo.






At the beginning the chains were massive; they almost looked like motorbike chains. Later they put two chains, to finally decide that one is enough. The wheels didn’t have air inside (they were completely made out of rubber) , and the break was stopping the wheels from the top.






There were some strange kind of bikes, from one that had a huge wheel around the cyclist, to another one with a really big wheel on one side and two small ones on the side. There was even one were you had to move your legs and arms to move forward!

It was fascinating to see, and I definitely recommend the visit to anyone crossing Saint Étienne, even if you are not that much into bikes. And in a too hot summer, at least you can forget about the heat outside.