The first contact: from Plentzia to Bermeo

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One of the things we knew since this trip was just an idea was that we would have to train, and hard, to be able to enjoy he trip from the first moment. Not only we have to train physically, and like this avoid the pain and sore legs of the first 2 weeks (like I had during my last trip), we also have to practice taking pictures and videos, to know when and how, and of course, put all this into the Internet.

There has been some attempts, some quite short, of about 15 km, but at least it was start. There has been another one, longer, when I was not there, in which Goiznabar and Jorge tried to do a 3 day trip, but due to the cold weather and rain, they decided to cancel it after the first day cycling.

El primer contacto: desde Plenzia a BermeoSo the only real try, to go together on our bikes, was the first we programmed. Jorge could not come, but Goiznabar and me did this amazing ride along the basque coast.

The weather was unbelievable, no clouds in the sky, and we started really enthusiastically. Thanks to the summery weather we managed to take lots of nice pictures, but as noon was getting closer, the heat started making us struggle.


The bikes we were using were not the best (I had my brother’s mountain bike, which doesn’t change very well, and Goiznabar was using his sister’s), so even though we didn’t do that many kms (around 40) it was a real challenge. It’s worth mentioning that the road along the coast is not flat at all, and we were not in shape, but I know this excuses are not acceptable: we have lots to improve!

El primer contacto: desde Plenzia a Bermeo

Half way, in Bakio, we had lunch, a surprisingly nice meal, with battered calamari (quite typical for Sunday appetizer in the Basque Country). We were really hungry and we were thinking of the calamari, almost from the first moment. In this town we stopped quite some time and we were thinking about getting the bus back. But after resting a bit and, specially, after the coffee, Goiznabar, and his caffeine rush, lead the rest of the way.

On the way to Bermeo, we stopped in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, and in Matxitxako cape, mandatory stops for anyone coming through this roads.


San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

El primer contacto: desde Plenzia a Bermeo



El primer contacto: desde Plenzia a Bermeo

When we reached our destination, we could still have kept going a bit further, but it was getting late, and we caught the last train back. Once on it, we sat down, thinking our little adventure was over, but we were quite wrong, there was, still, a surprise remaining.

As we were leaving the station, the train started making some strange noise, and there was smoke too. After a few minutes, every passenger from the last wagon moved to the previous one, ours. On the first stop, the train stopped, and we had to leave it; the train had broken down.

After this, with the rest of the passengers on their way to Bilbao, we demanded a solution. First, they took us out of the station to get a bus, but afterward they thought about it better, and they brought another train. Some of us had to take the metro too, to get to Getxo from the center of Bilbao. At the end everything worked up fine, but without a minute to spare, and we were able to have dinner at home.

It was a excursion full of adventures and challenges. We didn’t do many kms, but at least we had a first contact riding together. We will have to keep going, and hopefully we will get better bikes (and it’s not an excuse), and we will do much more, and better.