The most difficult decision

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Croacia Biziklautak

This week Biziklautak had to face one of the most difficult moments since we started cycling and because of this we are going to be separated for quite some time. Goiznabar went to the doctor again (the third time in 2 weeks) and they told him (again), that he needed to rest.


When we separated near Plivitse, Goiznabar took a bus to Zadar, while Javi and kept cycling. It took us only 2 days to reach the Dalmatian coast, but they were really intense!

First of all it rained most of the time, but we were prepared for it, so no problem with that. The second thing was the cold, it got amazingly cold. No clue how it happened, but in a couple days we went from almost 30 degrees to having our tents frozen in the morning. I guess autumn it’s already warning us that we should get some warmer clothes and sleeping bags.


In the meantime Goiznabar got to Zadar and started going to the doctors (in plural, because it’s not so easy to find the right doctor at the first time with our insurance). And the answer was the same: he needed to rest. But again they didn’t request any ultrasonography, or some further checkups, even thought this is the third different diagnosis they give him.

Last time his knee hurt and went to the doctor he rested for more than a week, but the pain didn’t go away completely, that’s why now he decided to rest much longer. He is going to be around a month without cycling. Not sure where his going to stay, maybe Istanbul, but time will tell.


These things didn’t stop us from visiting Zadar, which is surprisingly nice (surprisingly because I had no clue about how it looked). Marco and Zorana took us in their flat and were really friendly with us, and we went for coffees and walks. We even watched movies, I don’t even remember know long it’s been since I last watched TV.


Close to Zadar the smallest cathedral in the world stands in Nin. I went there by myself, as the others preferred to take it easy, so I decided to give a try to Geocaching. In Nin someone has set a multicache adventure, and to solve it you have to see different sights, learn about them and then pay lots of attention. I had so much fun that I lost track of the time. I could not finish the puzzle, because I had to go back, but it was totally worth it!



Back home we enjoyed the last evening together with our hosts, but knowing that Biziklautak was not going to be together for several weeks it was hard to have fun. We laughed, of course, but everything was a bit faked, everybody being extra nice, but nervous at the same time.

It’s really is a pity that Goiznabar can’t continue with us through the Balkans, but I guess in the end this is for the best. Resting so long will not only let him continue with the tour later on, but it probably is better for his health too. Cheer up Goiznabar! I’m sure Istanbul (or wherever you crash) will be great!