The oldest republique of the world: San Marino (not San Martino)

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Again waking up early and in a hurry, we had some Chinese noodle soups for breakfast with the most amazing views of the Apennines. We thought that the rest of the day till San Marino was going to be easy, so quite energetically we started cycling down the hill. Still now I’m not sure where and how a mountain appeared in front of us. We tried to avoid it but we didn’t succeed, so we had to go over it.


It was hard, especially because we didn’t know how long it was going to be, and the worst was that Javi broke his rack again. In a village we tried to fix it, but the guy appeared around 12:30, after we had been waiting for 10 minutes, to say that on that moment his lunch break started and that he could not help us till 15:00. He gave us some oxidized cable he had in a corner and said that we could do a provisional fix. We did that and left, you really can see when people want to help or not.

For a while there were also signs for San Martino, and sometimes we got confused and hoped that we were following the right path. It was lucky that we didn’t confuse the similar names!



We knew how the last 10 km to the old town were going to be, but they were hard nonetheless. And we did it, we climbed the highest place of a country just a couple hours after having crossed the border!

The city is quite nice, and well kept. I really liked the capital of the oldest (and smallest) republic in the world. The only problem is that it was overcrowded and full of cosmetic and souvenir shops (just like Andorra, I guess they have less taxes than Italy).


In the old town we had a slushie and got online, but I proposed to Javi to get a hostel, and finally sleep in a bed. The problem was that we shouldn’t spend so much money. But the idea of a hot shower and a bed convinced him easily. So we spent a night in the tiny republic!


In the evening we had a kilo of pasta by the both of us and then I climbed to the center again, to see the views at night. Well… I got disappointed. I should have expected it, as what I liked most were the landscapes, and at night you barely see anything. It’s one of the few cities, not to say the only one, which I prefer much more during the day, so definitely I can say San Marino is unique!