Three international borders and Goiznabar takes an alternative route

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That was a great place to wake up, the stone beach of Eze. Sometimes I think that this is the best way of travelling; waking up and going straight to swim in the sea is priceless. We were not in a hurry, because we were going to do few kilometers that day. In Imperia we were going to say goodbye to Goiznabar for a few days, so the goal was to sleep somewhere before that city.






So with our usual skill of spreading our selves all over the place (but even more amazing is the speed we pack everything again), we had a nice breakfast, already thinking on the Cote Azur, and the nice seaside landscape we were going to enjoy that day.


Just a few kilometers after we started we decided to go to the center of Monaco, just because Javi hadn’t crossed the country before. So the way I crossed the country before, entering in one side, getting to the port, and getting out on the other side seemed fitting. But as we were going uphill out of the microstate, the unavoidable happened:

Goiznabar got a flat tire, again!


So in the end, the 30 min that we planned to spend in Monaco, turned out to be more than two hours. The fun thing is that we stopped at the door of one of the most luxurious sea lounges, so it was interesting to see the cars getting in and the behavior of everybody there. As we were there so long, I needed to go to the toilet, and I asked if I could get in. The amazing thing is that they did let me, and on the way back I saw the prices of entrance: 140 euros just for a day!! But as they were so nice I guess when I become rich I might let myself show up here once in a while.


Late, a bit stressed and with the sun over our heads we were able to start. On the way out of France we were managed to enjoy the way, but in the last village one bar refused to give us water. I understand that it’s his right, but he actually insulted us. When I got out I was so angry about the insult and not getting water that I took a picture of the sign of the bar, not to forget the name. But it didn’t end there, the bar tender came out running and threatened me raising his fist, saying that it was a private sign and that I had to delete the picture. Well, that was the last impression of France I got. (Still I’m amazingly thankful to the rest of the bar tenders that gave me really cold water, usually accompanied with a smile and some words of encouragement, thank you all!)


So we finally left France behind and got into Italy, and to celebrate Javi fell from the bike. There was a sewer, which he didn’t see, and he fell to the floor. Nothing happened to him, and only the front rack was injured, but just lightly.


 The way from San Remo was boring and stressful, on the main coast road on a summer Sunday, but luckily in this town the best bike road I know started. It’s an old train line, so it’s really flat, and really well kept. It’s the second time I cycle through here, and I still think it’s amazing! They should do it longer!




When the sun was setting we took an exit of this bike highway, and slept with our tents set next to a small beach. It’s nice to sleep so close to the sea that you fall asleep hearing the waves. At least this part of the day was relaxed, and we managed to enjoy the seaside.



The next day we packed quickly and in the first town we had breakfast, as Goiznabar was planning on doing around 200 km. We said our goodbyes, and wished each other a nice trip.


We planned on reuniting ten days later, and since then lots of things happened, but that’s a different story and I will write it when the right time comes.