Two Biziklautak along the Dalmatian coast

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Saying bye to Goiznabar was hard, specially not knowing what he was going to do, where he was going to go or when we were going to meet. But as Javi always says: “It’s not healthy to worry about more than one thing at a time”, so we focused on keep moving.


Zorana has a little house in the mountains next to Trogir, about 120 km from Zadar, and that’s where we headed. It’s been really long since we cycled this much! It’s not that we are in a hurry or that we actually want to run, but it was nice to start moving and see the kilometers pass by.

I’m not sure how we managed to go really fast at the beginning, but then the mountains appeared in front of us. We are not used to suffering anymore. It really was not that hard, neither was the way uphill long, but we stopped several times and considered putting our tents on the side of the road.

Finally we succeeded pulling our last energies out and we arrived to the abandoned village were the house was. After a really short wait Zorana’s brother came with the keys and showed us around. The house was amazing! A fire place, shower, terrace with great views of Trogir and Split … and we even had a bedroom each!


That same night we did a fire and read till late. What a great feeling! We had done quite a lot of kilometers and we deserved to relax and rest. We planned on staying one night, but from the first moment we started “joking” about staying longer, and at the end that´s what we did.

Casa monte en Trogir

We wanted to visit Trogir, so the next day after an early lunch we followed the way the GPS recommended. Everybody told us that the only way was to take the main road, but we wanted to trust our device (and do one third of the distance if we had gone around). It turned out to be a huge mistake!

There was no path, and by the time we thought of turning around it was too late. Half of the way we carried our bikes on our shoulder (luckily we left the luggage in the house), and the other half we were worried of getting a flat. Well, we didn’t get our tires punctured, but some screws of the rack got so loose that I actually lost one. Javi instead of losing them broke them. But the result was the same; we headed to the next hardware store and bought 20 screws. This problem is not going to take us unprepared anymore.


Then we saw the city, which is really nice. Some people recommended us to visit it, and it was completely worth. Walking around the small streets was great, even though they were so narrow that it was not easy to cycle.


We stopped at a bar to get some wifi, and … news from Goiznabar! He was in Zagreb and he is going to Istanbul in a week with our friend Ana. He seemed much more optimistic, and as he is going to stop in Belgrade and Sofia on the way, he won’t miss all the Balkans.

The next day we didn’t succeed in leaving the house. It was so great that we decided to rest the whole day and fix the bikes. We have done almost 4000 kilometer already, so the chains needed to be changed and also the brakes were quite worn. It took us longer than expected, but we fixed everything. It’s nice to start learning how to fix all the parts of our bikes, especially when they are our only mean of transport!


We are having fun in Croatia, but we want to leave it behind. Out of two months and a half travelling we’ve been here almost one. I really want to start crossing borders, now out the European Union, and start getting my passport stamped!