Underwater city of Venice

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Due to Goiznabar’s accident we had to travel more slowly. But not only that, as for him it would be quite impossible to carry his panniers to the woods we also had to get accommodation. Actually it was nice to know where we were going to sleep, but of course that meant spending more than we had planned, and getting luxuries we thought we were not going to get till we were much more east (and for less money).


Anyway, we found a great camping site for a really cheap price 15 minutes away from the center of Venice. So we had the chance of visiting the underwater city. It was amazing! I had been here before, but it’s been 24 years since then, and the only thing I remember are cherries, not sure why, It can be that there were not even cherries, it’s just like a fade memory.


As we didn’t want to get a boat taxi or the monorail, we went walking to the center. It was the best thing we could have done. At the entrance of the city there are not so many tourist shops or people in general, but of course there are canals, and I think you can better feel the essence of Venice than in Rialto or Saint Marc square.


With our Egyptian friend, Hussein, we scrolled towards the center, but as we were getting closer we started getting tired, we are not used to walking so much, and with the heat and so many people, in the early afternoon, right after crossing the famous Rialto bridge and the square, we decided to find a place to rest. Hussein left us and went to the camping, and we found some benches in a side street where we had a (maybe not so) little siesta.


When we woke up the city had another feeling, it was cooler and the late afternoon light was much nicer. So with more energy we went to the end of the main island, where Goiznabar found a little exhibition room and talked to the owner. He even drew him! Everything was so relaxed it almost made me forget we actually travel by bike. I think i´m getting used to this being my way of live!

We saw the sunset with the city’s skyline as a background. There are not words to describe it, not even the pictures make justice to the show. It was probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.


Goiznabar always says that at night every vampire comes out, making reference that is more likely to have some trouble at night. But Venice, after dark, really seems like the best place to find any. If I was a Vampire I would definitely move here!

We had plans of going the next day to the city center again, but we were tired, and for once we wanted to enjoy the swimming pool and do nothing (but write and fix the webpage).