V Slovenian recipe: Poštengana kaša

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Finding traditional vegan recipes was not so easy in Slovenia (probably because I didn’t search well enough), but thanks to my friend Nik I managed to get something worth writing.

This recipe is original cooked with pig fat or cracklings instead of vegetable oil, as it was much cheaper. But in the last 150 years things started changing, and now is as common to use oil. That’s why I dare to write it as traditional vegan as 150 years sound enough time to create a tradition (or maybe I’m just trying to justify myself).

Anyway, this is a side dish that can go along mainly with anything else. By itself it’s also really tasty, but as it lacks protein, I would (and so does Nik) not recommend to eat as a meal.

And the last note about this recipe is the name, “poštengana kaša”, which means “stair-formed porridge”, supposedly because the indents in the surface are reminiscent of stairs.

Enough talking about it, let’s cook it!



You need:

• 350 g millet groats

• 1 large onion

• Vegetable oil




For this recipe we will write two ways of doing it, one easier than the other, but none of them are too hard:

For the easier process: wash the millet groats in flowing water until it becomes reasonably clear. Cook the millet in slightly less than a liter of water at low heat for about 30 minutes, without stirring. Meanwhile, chop the onion into slices or dices and fry it in a bit of vegetable oil, adding salt to taste. When the millet groats are cooked, fill it into individual bowls, make small indents into the surface, and fill those with the fried onion.

A more difficult process: After washing millet groats dry-fry the them in a pan or pot until they smell just slightly toasted (but haven’t changed color/darkened yet), and then pour hot water over them (careful, it might spray at contact with the hot surface of the pot) and cook for 15 more minutes. This way, the individual grains will not stick together, and will be fluffier when cooked. Afterwards, as in the easier process, fill it into individual bowls, make small indents into the surface, and fill those with the fried onion.




So here you have a side dish this time. If you don’t know what to cook it with try some other recipes in the Veganodissey (for example ratatouille)

Dober tek!!