V Two recipes from Northern Italy

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This time two recipes! The first one is merely a starter (it depends how you cook it), so for once we thought that you deserve an extra one!

When we were riding through northern Italy we were not very successful in finding hosts, so we could not really taste the real home cooked vegan dished we had hoped to try. But at least some people helped me find some recipes.

The first one, Bruschetta, is really easy and simple to prepare, here we will write the basic recipe, but if you are imaginative you can add as many ingredients as you want to and make it very elaborate.

The second one is a family recipe that Marta, one of these people who helped me, provided us after getting it from his grandfather, who is really proud of his cooking.






For the easy, simple but yet tasty, way you will only need:

pane toscano

–          Toscan bread

–          Basil

–          Virgin olive oil

–          Garlic

–          Tomatoes



–          Dice the tomatoes and add a bit of olive oil.

–          Cut the basil

–          Prepare slices of Tuscan bread and roast them in the oven until they become crispy and golden.

–          spread some fresh garlic on the bread

–          Add the tomatoes and basil on top of the bread

Bruschetta 2



That’s it, tasty food within minutes! But this is just the beginning, take your favorite vegetables and experiment in different ways! (And don’t for get to share it in comments if you get a great combination ;))











The woman who provided this recipe described it as: “It is a very old, poor and wintry Tuscany recipe, which origins are from the countryside. This is the secret recipe of my grandfather, who is very proud (and also jealous) of his soup.”


So with her grandfather’s permission, here we go:

You will need:


–           2 onions

–          4 or 5 carrots

–          2 bunches of celery

–           4 Tuscan kale bunches (cavolo nero in Italian).

–          Condensed tomato soup

–          half a kilo of dried cannellini beans


–          Boil dried cannellini beans for 3-4 hours in a 20 cm pot almost full of beans and water.

–          Dice onions, carrots and celery in small pieces. Clear kale, trimming leaf after leaf. Fry everything over low heat, without oil, till onions become golden; add kale together with half the beans all the water used for boiling them, as well as the tomato. Boil at least 4 hours.

–          After removing everything from the fire, add pieces of bread the other half of the beans and olive oil.

The dish is ready, but don’t forget to prepare at least double than you need! And keep the leftovers!

–          The next day boil the leftovers again, and this is how it gets the name Ribollita, “twice boiled” in Tuscan.