The webpage is finally ready!

by • 1 January, 2013 • Uncategorized • Comments (0)1702

Well, I think everything is said on the title. The first thing we will do is put all the posts we had on the blogspot blog here, and then we will start adding new content. This is the first time using wordpress, so at the beginning we will go slowly, but as we get use to it, we will have new things everyday.

Soon we will have up here the “route” we are planning to take, but even before that you can propose places. We will love to hear about unique places, things to do or even people to meet. Did you live or travel somewhere nice and you want to see it again through this webpage? Or, always wanted to go somewhere and do interesting things there but never had the chance? The world is big and we want to explore it, so share with us your ideas!