Whirling with the dervishes

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Rumi (1)

One of the goals we had in Turkey was to arrive on time for the biggest day of the Mevlevi Sufis, the 17th of December. This is the day when Mevalana Jelaledin Rumi died, or as the sufis say it: Mevlanas wedding day with Allah (the day he met with the beloved one).

For last week’s we were preparing ourselves for this, so we studied a bit on the matter. We learnt a lot, especially about who were the most important characters and the lives, of the Mevlevis, and well as their traditions.

The first thing we did on the 17th was witnessing the Sema. This is the famous dance (they don’t like being called whirling), that has made these dervishes the most known ones. The dance it really well defined and every movement has a reason for it.


Maybe it’s because I don’t understand it completely, or that I’m not a Sufi, but I was a bit disappointed with the show. Perhaps because of that, being just a show, for tourist to see how it’s generally done, without being the original thing.

Still it was interesting and I saw how it was done, but it was not as spiritual as I had expected it.

Later that evening we went to a local place were the Sufis meet and experience their own way of connecting with god; through music and dance. Even if at the beginning we were not part of it, the whole feeling was amazing, and we could really see live what was happening.


We were in there hours (around 7), and it was great. There were some moments in which everybody was taking part, even us, and some people even fainted. At this point we really felt this spiritualism that we missed in the official Sema. Probably if we were believers and understood better, but we could get a bit of the mystical feeling we were going for.